angel scotland carey
angel scotland carey 12 hours ago
i want to get hypnotyized
harpyy 12 hours ago
1:30 that was from the New Zealand news!! XD
angel scotland carey
angel scotland carey 12 hours ago
i love the weekend too twinses
Tayj Debofre
Tayj Debofre 12 hours ago
I feel like either did it before
Aldina Hrustanovic
Aldina Hrustanovic 12 hours ago
I hate that he opens the phone before he gives it to her
Jessica Winsworth
Jessica Winsworth 12 hours ago
OMG 😱😱
Kavon Rochester
Kavon Rochester 12 hours ago
Hi Lev
Ocean Girl
Ocean Girl 12 hours ago
Oh frick here we go again
Journey Rife
Journey Rife 13 hours ago
Hi Lev can you tell Claire Rocksmith to read the Email i sent her its something really nice :)
Sherise Moore
Sherise Moore 13 hours ago
Who else saw Lev mom in piper closet
Dovelyn Richmond
Dovelyn Richmond 13 hours ago
VIVICA BAKER 13 hours ago
Tik Tok Trends
Tik Tok Trends 13 hours ago
Sometimes I get annoyed because they yelling so loud like we can hear
Arihanna Bryant
Arihanna Bryant 13 hours ago
Please don’t say “oh my God” please or please don’t say God’s name in vain please.
Princess Aaliyah
Princess Aaliyah 13 hours ago
Your so good at pranks
arriana barlett
arriana barlett 13 hours ago
Hi jentzen love you❤😍😘😘
Logan Rohrer
Logan Rohrer 13 hours ago
Its funny bc if you go to Pipers channel SHE HAS A PIPER ROCKELLE CAR AND SHE HAS BEANIES AND SWEATPANTS AND SHOES! -well slippers...
umchemeng 13 hours ago
I have never seen Jensen cry
YY C 13 hours ago
Lev that’s so mean leave her alone
pumpkinseb666 13 hours ago
Slow mode doesn’t let us ask questions one after another. It makes us wait.
pumpkinseb666 13 hours ago
Slow mode doesn’t let us ask questions one after another. It makes us wait.
Lydia Brewer
Lydia Brewer 13 hours ago
Did anybody else’s notice how we got hipnoticed too? Pipers bed was all made and pretty AFTER Jentzen and Lev DESTROYED it but after it was the same like left how they destroyed it
Darlie’s vlogs
Darlie’s vlogs 14 hours ago
Jentzen tries to speak Russian: neyh neyh neyh neyh neyh neyh
Zoe Brown
Zoe Brown 14 hours ago
#LIEDETECTORTEST #BFF #BESTFRIEND #GIRLFRIEND #CHEATING #TRUTH #SQAUD #PiperRockelle #JentzenRamirez #ClaireRocksmith #ConnerCain
Emmalee Murillo
Emmalee Murillo 14 hours ago
The way she was trying to bit him
Sofie 14 hours ago
when lev hit jentzen it looked like he was dying inside lol
Scarlett Goodman
Scarlett Goodman 14 hours ago
This video is fake When lev uses his finger to put symonne to sleep you can see her on moving
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown 14 hours ago
And pipers boyfriend too
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown 14 hours ago
Sophie's boyfriend is jealous 😂
awhgabbi 14 hours ago
Why he yelling at ellianna so much xD
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown 14 hours ago
Hi I'm your biggest fan 😊😊
Kiki 14 hours ago
Javier Mendiola
Javier Mendiola 14 hours ago
Your cheating on piper
Javier Mendiola
Javier Mendiola 14 hours ago
hate you LEV
Moodi Aj
Moodi Aj 14 hours ago
Lev: speaks Russian piper: I love you too
Naim Ogeer
Naim Ogeer 14 hours ago
Lev this vidoe is going to go virl 👍👍👀👀
joanna ruiz
joanna ruiz 14 hours ago
I would
joanna ruiz
joanna ruiz 14 hours ago
Makeala Salinas
Makeala Salinas 14 hours ago
Omg he kissed piper
Alyssa Hanlon
Alyssa Hanlon 14 hours ago
At the end they all looked like their mind was broken XD
ariana grande
ariana grande 14 hours ago
sthu pls
Tigerlily 14 hours ago
I love Piper, I think her and her friends are really sweet. I just think it’s a shame that kids her age are doing this challenge. Some are as young as 13? Something doesn’t sit right with her content being focused on relationships and videos that are about removing clothes if you say babe? She’s still a kid I mean this feels illegal to watch lol. No hate tho she’s a lovely girl, just think content like this is quite mature, not to mention her audience are very young too.
Taya Baines
Taya Baines 14 hours ago
what about vape that helps you, like my dad hurt his shoulder and this vape helps him
Alyssa Hanlon
Alyssa Hanlon 14 hours ago
“WhEn I sTaNd On ThE mOnEy I gEt TaLlEr!”
¡PinkLama¡ 15 hours ago
Just piper
¡PinkLama¡ 15 hours ago
¡PinkLama¡ 15 hours ago
Look how he woke up bruh
¡PinkLama¡ 15 hours ago
I seen this
¡PinkLama¡ 15 hours ago
I Don, t watch ur channel
¡PinkLama¡ 15 hours ago
Omg so fake
singingtist 16
singingtist 16 15 hours ago
Hi lev! So I have great news, I think bc it said on Google ur a libra, and Pipers a leo, and it says "Leo and Libra is a powerful match, you each bring out the best in each other and share a very similar outlook while being constantly fascinated by each others personality. This leads to this being one of the most common zodiac matches, and often has soulmate potential.", so you and piper are an amazing couple! Love ur videos, also sub to meh channel and tell the whole squad I said hi and they are all amazing! Have a great night!
Sarah Bell
Sarah Bell 15 hours ago
I Am Really Mad 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
NATASHA MCNEIL 15 hours ago
Anyone realize that jentzen was scratching in the cam
karah-Mae Morrison
karah-Mae Morrison 15 hours ago
How are you guys doing say hi to the squad for me pls
DEVON LEE 15 hours ago
DEVON LEE 15 hours ago
Lily Green
Lily Green 15 hours ago
so funny i am going to serch it up now and tell piper i side hi
Basil Mhanna
Basil Mhanna 15 hours ago
To go so fast because I’m a hero
Tiarna Pfeiffer
Tiarna Pfeiffer 15 hours ago
When are u going to propose to Piper
Leila Lakhansingh
Leila Lakhansingh 15 hours ago
Very cool
rosa_gila_songs 16 hours ago
I don't think this is reall lol
Athena kalaitzi
Athena kalaitzi 16 hours ago
Please dont move so fast the camera my eyes and my head is hurting 😂😂
xo.beth_ivy. Xo
xo.beth_ivy. Xo 16 hours ago
The picture of pier and jentzen
Mia H
Mia H 16 hours ago
JUST MAKENZIE 16 hours ago
Did y'all fake it not to take the fun away
I think this is the eeal magic i ever seen in my life !!!!!!????
eliana. atchale
eliana. atchale 16 hours ago
not jentzen falling asleep with a big smile on his face...
Elizabeth Paddock
Elizabeth Paddock 16 hours ago
Avieeana Pollot
Avieeana Pollot 16 hours ago
Bruuuuhhhhhh when it came to the bed u really did believe it
Elizabeth Paddock
Elizabeth Paddock 16 hours ago
I think Piper likes Zara XD
Paziah Rodman
Paziah Rodman 16 hours ago
Editor:piper what did u take off Piper:I took off my shoes Lev: I’m taking off my shirt No one: Piper:yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
Craze qardosa
Craze qardosa 16 hours ago
This is the funniest video I ever saw😂😂
Kerene Mushombe
Kerene Mushombe 16 hours ago
Shirley Smith
Shirley Smith 16 hours ago
I was crying because I love Lev and pipper but I love you gay's
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 16 hours ago
I think piper Rockelle phone cases
Niasia Edwards
Niasia Edwards 16 hours ago
I like you
Sienna Williams
Sienna Williams 16 hours ago
love these videos but im very upset they cut off the jEv KiSs :(((((( lol
Ellie X
Ellie X 16 hours ago
I can’t believe u cheated on piper with jentzen!!!!
Novee 50093
Novee 50093 17 hours ago
Piper i love you so so so so so so so much for my family and you
Mya Hazel
Mya Hazel 17 hours ago
Bree Keplin
Bree Keplin 17 hours ago
what no levvvvvvvvvv
Nani8196 17 hours ago
Rebeca Perez
Rebeca Perez 17 hours ago
What happen to piper’s bed ? At some point it was a mess and then it was done , and at the End was a mess too