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Lev Cameron

2 months ago

Hey guys it's Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Sit back and watch todays video kissing my girlfriend to see how my mom reacts, caught kissing prank. Thats right guys, in todays video you'll see my girlfriend Piper Rockelle and i kiss in front of the parents to see if we can make then uncomfortable. This prank video is super funny because my moms reaction is priceless. Stay tuned till the end to see everyones reactions. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
#girlfriend #kiss #prank
----**who was in the video**---
_Piper Rockelle
Elliana Walmsley :
Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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Meyell Tomenio
Meyell Tomenio 6 hours ago
This is why i started to not watch her and started to not like her
Cynthia Cox
Cynthia Cox 7 hours ago
This was my mom phone
Jessie Jay
Jessie Jay 8 hours ago
Ok who likes my pfp
Stefani Vardanyan
Stefani Vardanyan 11 hours ago
wrong transition lol
Tykiria Brathwaite
Tykiria Brathwaite 18 hours ago
Heather Bowers
Heather Bowers 21 hour ago
How is this a prank tho....they kissed either way
Karly Lawson
Karly Lawson 22 hours ago
Nothing to do with the video but when I am older I want to be like piper
Faith Frimpong
Faith Frimpong 22 hours ago
okay guys imma do this prank sooo at my funeral I want black and red roses and a silver balloon with my name on it and a white coffin and a kind of demonic gravestone thingy lol, send me prayers
Aimee Taylor
Aimee Taylor 22 hours ago
I didn’t know clairs parents were lgbtq+
Maricela Gonzalez
Maricela Gonzalez 23 hours ago
Liper and pev 🥺
Katie _cookie123
Katie _cookie123 Day ago
The last mom noticed right away and was like nah ur my baby u won’t kiss her infornt of me 😳
Renacuajo Jaja
Renacuajo Jaja Day ago
There were so uncomfortable 😂
Oishik Mukherjee
Oishik Mukherjee Day ago
Oh my freaking god
Sky Bester
Sky Bester Day ago
She said yess!!
Brandy Arthur-Christman
Brandy Arthur-Christman Day ago
Levs mom is so pretty!
Miss_ Afreen
Miss_ Afreen 2 days ago
Omg Ur mom is Russian aww I am Russian too ☺️
Its_.bloody.janika hi
Its_.bloody.janika hi 2 days ago
OMGGGGGG Lev: eats pipers cheeck Hunter: yes wonderfulllll
Fanpage Edits
Fanpage Edits 2 days ago
Roses are red❤️ violets are blue💙 I like my own comment 💬cos nobody else would 😭
The weird Banana
The weird Banana 2 days ago
Tell iriana that i said Привет как дела
The weird Banana
The weird Banana 8 hours ago
@Gaia Morgan its means hello how are you
Gaia Morgan
Gaia Morgan 21 hour ago
what does that mean?
Olivia Day
Olivia Day 2 days ago
Can I just point out the bird on the sink just chillin
Bøbā Jiźēłłē
Bøbā Jiźēłłē 2 days ago
Ur mom is sooooo nice
ARIELLA Vlogs 2 days ago
I am sorry but I can not believe that you and piper are dateing if you watch clemitines video
Mya Stafford
Mya Stafford 2 days ago
Lev I had no idea you were 11😂
•joonies crab•
•joonies crab• 3 days ago
what the heck
Bernadine Gibson
Bernadine Gibson 3 days ago
Nora 3 days ago
Marangelys Morales
Marangelys Morales 3 days ago
Omg if my mom saw that she would freak out
Animal Girl 101
Animal Girl 101 3 days ago
Gacha Sugar
Gacha Sugar 3 days ago
Get a room? Tf is wrong with y’all. Watch piper get prego ima be laughing
You're beautiful and loved
You're beautiful and loved 3 days ago
Same, that is just wrong
Lucy Merricks
Lucy Merricks 3 days ago
SHIP liper
Erin WEBBER 4 days ago
On the first prank when they were asking if Elliana was ready and they switched the cameras to the one in the corner and there was just a bird casually sitting on hunters shoulder!!
Maddie A
Maddie A 4 days ago
Um who else thinks lev sould make a song
itsmejamee 4 days ago
they have to name them prankers cause they keep praking
Darlene Phillipo
Darlene Phillipo 4 days ago
What dose his mom Speke
Pancho The Pom Vlogs!
Pancho The Pom Vlogs! 5 days ago
Tyra Nhleko
Tyra Nhleko 6 days ago
What language is his mom speaking
You're beautiful and loved
You're beautiful and loved 3 days ago
Chikamso Udeze
Chikamso Udeze 6 days ago
Her aunty is like wtf
Ajshe Thaqi
Ajshe Thaqi 6 days ago
You'ar a ccouple super goood good
Nancy Beckley
Nancy Beckley 6 days ago
how old are they again? XD
Fernando Salom
Fernando Salom 6 days ago
How old is lev?
Samantha Deane
Samantha Deane 6 days ago
Lev and piper are such a cute couple awww 🥰 xxx
Rishitha Sushma
Rishitha Sushma 6 days ago
Lev I love u
Rishitha Sushma
Rishitha Sushma 6 days ago
I like how Lev mom said I am not comfortable
Nika Sedghgooyan
Nika Sedghgooyan 6 days ago
Ur vids are amazing lev!!!! Oh and by the way I was thinking if you can do a video about like watching IT The scary clown movie with the squad it will be really cool!! Like if u agree🤞🏻 👇🏻
hello there
hello there 6 days ago
The thing about some of the pranks though is like they still did it though🤣
Abigail Fantahun
Abigail Fantahun 7 days ago
Bruh my mom would have totally lost it if i did that!!
Laurelle Jaber
Laurelle Jaber 7 days ago
the comments are on!
Ellesse Harper
Ellesse Harper 7 days ago
My Life As Alba
My Life As Alba 7 days ago
Your mom is so nice
Pearlene George
Pearlene George 7 days ago
Can piper drive?
Lindelwa Ntebe
Lindelwa Ntebe 8 days ago
I would never do that my mother would hit me in front of my girlfriend and she would ask for breakup
Kamerin Queen
Kamerin Queen 8 days ago
Everytime time I watch your videos Piper and Lev they make me laugh and happy
Kamerin Queen
Kamerin Queen 8 days ago
God bless you guys
Kamerin Queen
Kamerin Queen 8 days ago
Ya'll make a great couple Liper
Kamerin Queen
Kamerin Queen 8 days ago
Lev your so cool dawg I want to be just like you
Kamerin Queen
Kamerin Queen 8 days ago
I love you guys so much
Ali Kelly
Ali Kelly 8 days ago
Somebody I’m just glad team so I put a press up thinking I put that red button dread now so I love you guys so much
Quintania John
Quintania John 8 days ago
Omg that was awkward to and funny it gave me chills and I wish I could met you guys I love Piper to much on my birthday I though I got her murch so hey I love you guys you are all the best 👍
Allie Begeman
Allie Begeman 8 days ago
I wish I had a boyfriend 😕
Joyce Camp
Joyce Camp 9 days ago
What's pipers. Phone number
Naimz Life
Naimz Life 9 days ago
Lol they kinda a power couple
سكلولو العتيبي
سكلولو العتيبي 9 days ago
راح راح من عندي يسسسسسس
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سكلولو العتيبي 9 days ago
سكلولو العتيبي
سكلولو العتيبي 9 days ago
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سكلولو العتيبي 9 days ago
ستين الف سؤال قاعد يجيني
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انا اكلت تراب
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سكلولو العتيبي 9 days ago
ياليل وش يبي ذا
Freckle Face
Freckle Face 9 days ago
When ever I see editor he has pablo on his shoulder 😂
Kristen Grace Allen
Kristen Grace Allen 9 days ago
Good video love it
JeyJey Cruz
JeyJey Cruz 9 days ago
OMG your mom is so cute, and you guys are so funny!!!! But she was so cute and so noce
Mylaa Hines
Mylaa Hines 10 days ago
LEV your awesome
Kianna* 10 days ago
londonisthebest londonzoeil10
londonisthebest londonzoeil10 10 days ago
Gabriella Avilabo
Gabriella Avilabo 10 days ago
Ellianas mum is a vibeeee😎
Gabriella Avilabo
Gabriella Avilabo 10 days ago
I cringed so much lmfao🤣👀
Layla High
Layla High 10 days ago
I swear lev always puts his arm round piper it so cutttee❤️
Elizabeth Garratt
Elizabeth Garratt 11 days ago
OMG they are so cute together
Malaika Fernandes
Malaika Fernandes 11 days ago
um ok
Malaika Fernandes
Malaika Fernandes 11 days ago
dofie rocks
Jemima Donut Otubanjo
Jemima Donut Otubanjo 11 days ago
Idc what any of yall day CAN U NOT SEE HOW DISGUSTING THIS IS I feel so uncomfortable watching this omds they r just flippin kids and yall r sayin aw this is cute now ask urself if u r 13 or 15 ok right let’s say ur 15 and u hve a 13 year old partner will u feel comfortable doing this like I-
Kea delekwa
Kea delekwa 11 days ago
WOW that’s so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💜🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😘😘🥰🥰love you guys so much
Ellena Thorpe
Ellena Thorpe 11 days ago
Hurricane Katrina more like hurricane tor-tilla
layla halliday
layla halliday 11 days ago
Liper Is so cute
Ry Jones
Ry Jones 11 days ago
But like why not pda in front of the squad??
Lemur Squad 11
Lemur Squad 11 12 days ago
When they show the like sticker 2434 or something like that 👍 but it has 60K
sienna rosianos
sienna rosianos 12 days ago
that is a good prank
Wanda Torres
Wanda Torres 12 days ago
The moms like um I'm just uncomfortable about it thats private
Mi_K.O 12 days ago
wait ... is he from Russia?
Rosita Tauraitė
Rosita Tauraitė 12 days ago
8:40 finally thank you woman thank youu✨🙏😌
Caroline Rusnac
Caroline Rusnac 13 days ago
Lev knows Russian ?! 🙀
Melanie Plays!
Melanie Plays! 13 days ago
damn lev really going in
Yazmin Leija
Yazmin Leija 13 days ago
lev your so funny you make my day
Fun fact: Eliana is actually from dance moms
The Squad
The Squad 12 days ago
The Squad
The Squad 12 days ago
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz 13 days ago
Elliana should have won dance moms
Freya Cooper
Freya Cooper 13 days ago
why is no one talking about the bird its bootiful
sloppytunapounder 13 days ago
sorry but like im pretty sure im older than piper- AND BASDJHHBHASDSIHBASDIHBDSUIASDUJIIUJDBASBJIU omg bye
Imapotato ._.
Imapotato ._. 13 days ago
I love his moms accent
Mr Beck
Mr Beck 13 days ago
Istg if I did this I would firstly need to find a bf and secondly my parents would of slapped me back to 2015
Ambika Lala
Ambika Lala 13 days ago
pausing the video when they are talking is soooo funny! Piper: Hi guys I hope your day is good bu- than pause!! SO FUNNY!!!!
londonisthebest londonzoeil10
londonisthebest londonzoeil10 13 days ago
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