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Lev Cameron

2 months ago

Hey guys it's Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Sit back and watch todays video i put icy hot in my girlfriends bra prank, must watch. Thats right guys in today vlog i wanted to prank my girlfriend (Piper Rockelle). So today my best friend (Jentzen) and i went to the store to buy some icy hot for this prank. Stay tuned to see us put it in Pipers bra to get her reaction. This prank is super funny because my girlfriend didn't have any idea what was going on. These prank vlogs are so funny, and fun to film. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
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----**who was in the video**---\
Piper Rockelle:
- usposts.info/level/Yfbq37VGb-07tDS0FGtsPw.html\
Jentzen Ramirez:
- usposts.info/level/oCB5pbeNAvc_a_OWHM2kmQ.html

Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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Marinette Minute ago
This is too far you should never do this to someone, i bet some little kid out there did it to their mom or sister.
Yi Yi
Yi Yi 21 minute ago
Dont u have school
Tiktok Mashups
Tiktok Mashups 45 minutes ago
She said it was dangerous and you guys continue to laugh.. u don’t deserve a girlfriend like her
Dark S I D E R
Dark S I D E R 2 hours ago
She just pretends that it wouldn't but actually it is
Anderson Leung
Anderson Leung 4 hours ago
chanel wass
chanel wass 5 hours ago
It's not funny
chanel wass
chanel wass 5 hours ago
Omg don't do that
Kimberly Wagoner
Kimberly Wagoner 6 hours ago
The way they jump up every time she leaves 😂😝
Itz Adhira
Itz Adhira 6 hours ago
Umm...I dont even think you care about Piper, u r just doing a dumb prank that can hurt Piper for the views and the likes
Haley Madson
Haley Madson 6 hours ago
It hurt me inside when he said could you change like what if she's comfy
Suzy Doggo
Suzy Doggo 7 hours ago
Okay but like.. why were they litterally freaking out and screaming when piper held the bra up?! It’s litterally a piece of fabric!!! Like come one!! Also that must have hurt SO BAD.
DumbCookies UwUz
DumbCookies UwUz 9 hours ago
I thought of todoroki 😂😂😂
Myfunrobloxvids 1
Myfunrobloxvids 1 10 hours ago
This isn’t ok. I reported the video. No girl at her age should have that in her bra. It could cause cancer, breast tumor it could cause death. Glad i reported
Itz_Isabella 10 hours ago
Guys, I know Lev shouldn’t have done that, the prank went a bit too far, but don’t hate on him! He doesn’t understand, he’s not a girl! He took it way too fair, I agree, but doesn’t give you a reason hate
Maddison C
Maddison C 12 hours ago
Not to mention she honestly didn’t sound that mad if it happens to me I’d be beating him up still
Ashtyn Stockton
Ashtyn Stockton 12 hours ago
Omg so funny
Alayna Holler
Alayna Holler 12 hours ago
The chest area is a very hurtful place for women especially if the chest is still growing
macynlucia 13 hours ago
I saw this trend but it was with like ppl who are MARRIED!!!!This is too far she is a teenager and he was touching her bra. Inappropriate!!!He is literally dangling a 13 yr olds bra in front of the whole world.as a girl i am disgusted.
The Weirdo
The Weirdo 13 hours ago
This is disrespectful
Emma Lacey
Emma Lacey 15 hours ago
Boys are hilarious
Madison Dilts
Madison Dilts 15 hours ago
Hate new teens
julian jones
julian jones 15 hours ago
I feel so sorry for piper 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯
Most Toxic
Most Toxic 16 hours ago
Lev you are a A good prankster 😂😂😂
Ebonie Marley
Ebonie Marley 18 hours ago
I did that to my sister lmao 😂
Elsie Fitzgerald
Elsie Fitzgerald 22 hours ago
This disgusts me
Dinara Putri
Dinara Putri Day ago
That's so DISRESPECTFUL did you even have a brain
a YouTube channel
a YouTube channel Day ago
Wow,im disappointed,how could u do that,u really shouldn't do that,im really disappointed tbh😡
Jiah Sidhu
Jiah Sidhu Day ago
How is this a prank
OOF Gamez
OOF Gamez Day ago
Oh poor piper
tips & tricks for roblox.
tips & tricks for roblox. Day ago
I'm going to be honest it is true that is was the rong thing to do then again I think it was all just for fun and it seemed like she was fine so yes it was not nice but I really think that she was ok in the end and no reason to give hate because he gets it
haiggi Day ago
Romina Torres
Romina Torres Day ago
Wtf why did you do that
YoLo AsMr
YoLo AsMr Day ago
WTH! First of all you invaded your girlfriends privacy and she is 13 years old she is still developing, second of all icy hot can lead to cancer and I don’t care if it was “for the vlog” that is really messed up. If you thought that this prank was good your wrong I didn’t laugh a single bit and you shouldn’t be laughing. You have no right to do this and maybe if something is wrong and she is in pain don’t just sit around telling her it’s a prank, go and make she is is alright. Don’t make stupid pranks like this because it’s not funny and even if she is okay with it you still shouldn’t do that. Gosh do research about what icy hot can do or don’t do these prank, this is her BRA and maybe you don’t understand but if you were uncomfortable touching it them why do you think it’s good to post this. If icy hot stung your eye then rethink the prank okay. Normally you do pranks that are enjoyable and although they can be mean it’s a good prank but this one is way to far, nobody is laughing so don’t ever think about doing a prank like this. “Chill out piper is fine” I don’t care, you didn’t show us how she felt after so no I will not chill out. I am so close to not having any respect for you. Pack you dumb pranks up, nobody likes them.
I simp for tododeku
I simp for tododeku Day ago
I think this is staged no hate
qt emilah
qt emilah Day ago
it wasn’t funny. when she was laughing after you told her, i know she was dying inside. cmon. be a man.
audrey powell
audrey powell Day ago
Puppys4Life Gaming
Puppys4Life Gaming Day ago
That’s not kind please never do that again and do a favor and give your girl some privacy if you love her. TIP: If you want a girl to like you don’t show her private stuff on camera and don’t do any pranks like that, cause that’s just rude. THIS VIDEO IS A BAD EXAMPLE DO NOT DO THIS TO ANYONE CAUSE THEY DON’T DESERVE IT.
baby alive
baby alive Day ago
It was funny when lev got it in his eye
iiSeashxllzz Day ago
Chloe Reace
Chloe Reace Day ago
Way to far
Floriana Olivera
Floriana Olivera Day ago
verse Day ago
this is gross
Annas Interviews
Annas Interviews Day ago
First of all its not funny to show her stuff like that on yt, and this is a really sick joke. She is still developing and she doesn't deserve this, I could just hear how upset she is.
jJani Le
jJani Le Day ago
Lev u should not have done this ಠ,_」ಠ
김지연JIYEON Day ago
shes a kid why tf does this exist
hehehe Hehehehh
hehehe Hehehehh 2 days ago
This is wrong
Bhj Ggh
Bhj Ggh 2 days ago
This is so disrespectful ... She is a girl and is still growing , first you should respect her privacy , next this doesn't count as a prank it counts as I tried to hurt my girlfriend, cuz icy hot might cause her problems especially on the spot you put it in , this is disrespectful , you got a little in your eye and hurt you to death , that was a sign to not put it ... 😫😪
Sharon Brown
Sharon Brown 2 days ago
T drew erwwrt trees wjou
Animegril 2 days ago
Poor todoroki 😭🤣🤣
Tsahai Galindo
Tsahai Galindo 2 days ago
This is so weird respect women’s privacy especially because she’s a child
NSC Vlogz
NSC Vlogz 2 days ago
Piper and lev is funny
Josslyn Blatt
Josslyn Blatt 2 days ago
Go Liper
tim bourne
tim bourne 2 days ago
Leb why did you do that prank on you when your girlfriend piper is going to get so mad at you and she’s probably gonna break up with you because you put that and I don’t know that we’re good idea or not
xXLemon_AbbyXx 2 days ago
Def not me thinking of todoroki when I saw the pic of icyhot- Nahhhhh
Lors 2 days ago
this isnt ok, wow. this is low, even for you guys.
Stan Women
Stan Women 2 days ago
Arev Margarian
Arev Margarian 2 days ago
Pfff its soo disgusting when they are 13-15 but they behave themselves like adults
Ra'Laeyah Atkins
Ra'Laeyah Atkins 2 days ago
You pervert y’all to trying to open the door on her like ewwww
LiLionna Raati
LiLionna Raati 2 days ago
🤣🤣he got in his eye🤣🤣
Isabella Oñate
Isabella Oñate 2 days ago
Lev and Jensen have the the greatest friendship ever 🌩💙 but also you have to surprise her with something because that is so dangerous and mean she can get cancer for that you have to give her something this is bad 🥺 you NEED to do something come on I dar you to do ummm let me think I know buy her a pony that's named buttercup YEAH perfect get her that!
Isabella Oñate
Isabella Oñate Day ago
@Abigail Mcdonald yeah but I low key wanted him to give her a pony named buttercup 🥺 but I care about there health more than anything 💪
Abigail Mcdonald
Abigail Mcdonald Day ago
@Isabella Oñate yes same
Isabella Oñate
Isabella Oñate Day ago
@Abigail Mcdonald yeah many people are telling me now that it was planned I hope it is 🥺
Abigail Mcdonald
Abigail Mcdonald 2 days ago
I know it really cruel
Erica Amaya
Erica Amaya 2 days ago
If my crush did this to me I would freqk
Erica Amaya
Erica Amaya 2 days ago
So weird just let him do it I mean
Demi Jane Van den Berg
Demi Jane Van den Berg 2 days ago
Iev ar jou oke
Einav Elmalm
Einav Elmalm 2 days ago
I'm eight
Einav Elmalm
Einav Elmalm 2 days ago
I'm a really good fan of you I want to see you
Dannielle Braun
Dannielle Braun 3 days ago
Can you stop screaming in your videos plz
Marie Evette VLOGS
Marie Evette VLOGS 3 days ago
Keydian camacho
Keydian camacho 3 days ago
When they were argue one while putting on the hot cold thing on the bra
jontae 3 days ago
Erika Perez
Erika Perez 3 days ago
Bugbear 21
Bugbear 21 3 days ago
Ok guys I know this was a bad prank but don’t be mean to lev that’s just rude ya know but I can agree it was wrong and stupid
piperazziismylife 3 days ago
It's not a prank if you really did it ;-; I feel bad because that's not very nice
Miraculous Ladybug
Miraculous Ladybug 3 days ago
this isn’t funny at all, what the hell is this video. Poor piper if I was her I would break up with you literally. Grow up🤢
Hello Sunshine
Hello Sunshine 3 days ago
It's just the 8-13 year old fans that think this is fine. They're children I don't know about you but this is inappropriate behavior for 13-16 year olds 🤦‍♀️
Jaylee Hollaway
Jaylee Hollaway 3 days ago
Everyone shut up please
Melissa Lewis
Melissa Lewis 3 days ago
You are crazy
jules leblanc
jules leblanc 3 days ago
Omg what are u doing lev 😂😂
•Multi dragons•
•Multi dragons• 3 days ago
Baddie 3 days ago
Thats messed up and must have been soo akward
Ciara Valentina Díaz
Ciara Valentina Díaz 3 days ago
Lev why would u do that u know that can do bad things to her respect her privacy
angelique alfaro
angelique alfaro 3 days ago
Wow why u do that to your girlfriend so you don't want me see u call me or me and you look nice but you don't have 6
Ayessa Nadine Alforte
Ayessa Nadine Alforte 4 days ago
Thats a little bit too far lev honestly tho
Xanthe _
Xanthe _ 4 days ago
How could she keep a smile I'd probs cry and dumb him
Xanthe _
Xanthe _ 4 days ago
Why y'all messing with a 13 Yr olds bra
Vinu CT
Vinu CT 4 days ago
I mean she us a girl who is growing but yaa she does do so much pranking to u but she does not deserve so much meaness
monicah motlhabane
monicah motlhabane 4 days ago
All the guys out there don't know how painful that is. That is a very sensitive spot. Just why???
Ivan Playz
Ivan Playz 4 days ago
Ur weird 😳😐
Vignesh sakthivel Krishnamoorthy
Vignesh sakthivel Krishnamoorthy 4 days ago
Unlike the video unsubscribe
Addi Sanchez
Addi Sanchez 4 days ago
Alexa Myers
Alexa Myers 4 days ago
Dude its a prank peeps relax I'm a girl and I'd be fine
Symone Reacts
Symone Reacts 4 days ago
Yk what I’m thinking...... This video isn’t even edited so I feel like he posted it without there parents or the editor noticing but idk they still kept it up
Jennifer TorresLazaro
Jennifer TorresLazaro 4 days ago
to be honest is this like abusing a woman's this is Disgusting she is ONLY 13 AND LEV U ARE 15 sorry its just disguising what lev has done to her
Jennifer TorresLazaro
Jennifer TorresLazaro 4 days ago
i dont think he should do that cuz he is only 15 and piper 13 i think but he should never do that cuz its really bad😡
Madisynn Helfer
Madisynn Helfer 4 days ago
I think Jensen broke the bed it sounds very squeaky😛
•NatalieJaa •
•NatalieJaa • 4 days ago
Shame on you lev
•NatalieJaa •
•NatalieJaa • 4 days ago
Amaryiah Stewart
Amaryiah Stewart 4 days ago
Alyssa CaminitiKollar
Alyssa CaminitiKollar 4 days ago
Jentzen I love you lol and thank you for saying your gonna do payback and put it in Lev’s underwear after! 😆 and facts how would you know which one she would wear that day and put it in but I’ve got can lead to breast cancer so be careful!
Gacha _cloudy
Gacha _cloudy 4 days ago
That’s so horrible like wtf🙄
Antonio Arriaga
Antonio Arriaga 4 days ago
Lev thus my dad account im. A girl but you shouldnt being do that and why did you let jentzen see it and thats her privacyy. Hers not your
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