Another GIRL As My Lock Screen PRANK **She Got Mad**πŸ˜‘β—οΈ|Lev Cameron

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Lev Cameron

3 months ago

Hey guys it's Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Sit back and enjoy watching another prank vlog on my girlfriend, Piper Rockelle. She got so mad when she saw another girl as my lock screen. In todays vlog i though it would be funny to prank my girlfriend by changing my phone background from, my girlfriend to Addison Rae, my celebrity crush. I also invited my best friend Jentzen to help me with this vlog. Stay tuned till the end of this prank to see how my girlfriend reacts to this funny video idea. Also shout out to Addison Rae, for being on my phone screen. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
#girl #prank #girlfriend

----**who was in the video**---\
Piper Rockelle:
Jentzen Ramirez:
Claire Rocksmith:
Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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Thando Seonyane
Thando Seonyane 22 hours ago
Before piper dates lev: between addison rae and Piper rockelle who would lev pick to be her girlfriend Me: lev cameron would have picked addison rae
Amina Azeem
Amina Azeem Day ago
The Star Sisters
The Star Sisters 2 days ago
Lentzen Best Bros
Faausu Latu
Faausu Latu 5 days ago
Good pranking lev
Aleah Bel
Aleah Bel 6 days ago
Wired and gross πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜·
Amy Shriver
Amy Shriver 6 days ago
Lev tell sawyer to make semily official
Maria Feliz
Maria Feliz 7 days ago
like me lev
Roman Atwood
Roman Atwood 7 days ago
LOL lev is SO cringy!
HailieghBug 8 days ago
Next time you should change the lock screen to one of the squad members apart from your gf and put hearts in the picture so it makes it look like you like another squad member!
Djanae Moore
Djanae Moore 9 days ago
Yes I would like to see Ellie's reaction if jetzen put a picture of Addison
Salma Diaz
Salma Diaz 9 days ago
Is it me or is piper like really aggressive and whenever she gets pranked she gets so mad and is really clingy and over dramatic no offense just saying but she is really good at making USposts videos
Rage Roblox
Rage Roblox 11 days ago
Piper is going to freak
Hazel Notado
Hazel Notado 12 days ago
Piper watching this video: πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
Ron Hunter
Ron Hunter 12 days ago
Pipers reaction though☺
Maggie Young
Maggie Young 17 days ago
Piper will pay
Farah daiyana Daiyana
Farah daiyana Daiyana 17 days ago
Jakayla Atkins
Jakayla Atkins 17 days ago
Piper first he don’t have to change his wallpaper it’s his phone not your piper your so dumb
ezra joseph
ezra joseph 18 days ago
Madison Croskey
Madison Croskey 18 days ago
LEV PLEASE READ FULL COMENT ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE... I NEED YALLS HELP!!!!! So Lev I have a pretty big ask.... I saw Pipers videos about flying out a new squad member and the videos about how all the winners cant come out for various reasons. My bestfriend who is also my brothers childhood bestfriend and still is his bestfriend dad just recently passed away and he is a really big fan of Piper and the whole squad. He is actually the one who introduced me to Pipers videos. I was thinking about trying to get him a cameo from the squad but those cost 225 dollars and my family is having financial problems so I decided to comment on this video since Piper had comments turned off on her videos and hope you see this and relay the message. I was hoping that you could talk to Piper and her managers and everyone to see if yall could fly out my family and his family to try and cheer him up and make his dream come true. I know this is a long shot but I really hope that you see this and help make his dream come true. Anyone who sees this, will you try and help Lev see this please. Lev I love you and all your videos. I have been watching yours and Pipers and everyone elses in the squad videos since the beginning. Please help me make my bestfriends dream come true. I love you. Also I commented this on a few of your videos so that hopefully you will see this and I will comment it on your other videos as they are released so that hopefully you will see it. Again I love you so much.
Tommy Eygelsheim
Tommy Eygelsheim 19 days ago
All you boys in the squad must enjoy a girl for The wiggles 24
Traymar carter
Traymar carter 20 days ago
i love emilly
Azucena Madril
Azucena Madril 21 day ago
My brothers birthday is almost coming
Alfie Marshman
Alfie Marshman 21 day ago
It was funny🀣🀣🀣🀣
Hala Jaber
Hala Jaber 22 days ago
I love you lev
Jennifer Theodoridis
Jennifer Theodoridis 22 days ago
This is a good video
Melida Soriano
Melida Soriano 23 days ago
Melida Soriano
Melida Soriano 23 days ago
Me to 😘😘😘😍😍
Melida Soriano
Melida Soriano 23 days ago
Love you to a
Vanessa Edwards-Dodd
Vanessa Edwards-Dodd 24 days ago
I think they should not be doing this they made pipper cry in some pranks about like b friend g friend
UnicornPenny117 24 days ago
Who else thinks Lev should prank the whole squad, speaking Russian for 24 hours?
Ψ΄Ω‡Ψ― Ω…Ψ­Ω…Ψ―
Ψ΄Ω‡Ψ― Ω…Ψ­Ω…Ψ― 25 days ago
Yuri foreman username is royal queen the the lips and not waring nothing to do that for you are not crazy about it, no mom is
D' andra Charles
D' andra Charles 27 days ago
D' andra Charles
D' andra Charles 27 days ago
Piper got soooooo mad
Makenzie Lipscomb
Makenzie Lipscomb 28 days ago
My name l3v
Makenzie Lipscomb
Makenzie Lipscomb 28 days ago
Wawa Arip
Wawa Arip 28 days ago
Wait lev can I be your best friend please
Wawa Arip
Wawa Arip 28 days ago
Wait wait what you going lock screen into a nother people what piper going to be mad at you super 😑 😑 😑 Mad okey lev
miami10 29 days ago
9:06 i thought it was a monster WHAHA
Jaiyah Willis
Jaiyah Willis 29 days ago
I love lev p,s and piper
Melinda Rivera
Melinda Rivera 29 days ago
I know it x a prank but piper is gorges
Brisa Melero
Brisa Melero Month ago
and why r you guys always at pipers house
Brisa Melero
Brisa Melero Month ago
I think that jentzen should chang his wallpaper as a pis of elliana
Genesis Alarcon Bartolo
Genesis Alarcon Bartolo Month ago
Good job that you prank your girlfriend Piper this prank is so funny πŸ˜‚
nishee sookram
nishee sookram Month ago
nishee sookram
nishee sookram Month ago
Madisyn Hebblewhite
Madisyn Hebblewhite Month ago
Omg she gonna be MAD
Kayden Mcwilliams
Kayden Mcwilliams Month ago
I sub
Sindney Huston
Sindney Huston Month ago
I support this squad so much because they love Addison. TOTAL RESPECT
Henrietta Perkins
Henrietta Perkins Month ago
Piper is not going to be Happy about this!!!!
Chelsea FabianErazo
Chelsea FabianErazo Month ago
At 0:31 did u guys see the pillow that piper has on her bed- πŸ˜‚
Melania Perez
Melania Perez Month ago
I want to be part of the squad
Asani Milaim
Asani Milaim Month ago
pipperockellefan Month ago
I watched there videos again and again and after she stromed out he smiled me in bed my parent across me. Trying not to laugh as hard lol
alana irizarry
alana irizarry Month ago
hahaa thats what piper gets piper is a pigggggg
Falak Khan
Falak Khan Month ago
reaction galaxy
reaction galaxy Month ago
Your videos are way better when the editer films it you have to give the editer so much love her films and edits all the squad videos
Lorenzo Ramlal
Lorenzo Ramlal Month ago
That was a little mean πŸ˜₯😑
Mukbangers EATING !!
Mukbangers EATING !! Month ago
this is fake piper looked at the camera
Jaiden Woods
Jaiden Woods Month ago
Whipped Waffle
Whipped Waffle Month ago
My phone was all the way up when piper wad yelling πŸ˜‚
Prisha Bhalla
Prisha Bhalla Month ago
I have the same pet odor reliever febreeze
Robloxster Month ago
gah whats up guys!
Santania Mcloud
Santania Mcloud Month ago
What the hell that was not a joke
Annie's life
Annie's life Month ago
Addison rae watching this πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
Vaughn Melkonian
Vaughn Melkonian Month ago
Why are they so boring when there real talk me and my friends are there age and we ain’t like dad
Laniah Holliday
Laniah Holliday Month ago
She was mad
Azul Ramirez
Azul Ramirez Month ago
Unles you do give her the attention she need
Azul Ramirez
Azul Ramirez Month ago
Piper Rockelle is prettier than Addison rae and lev piper is to much for you
sun glow
sun glow Month ago
that was super hilarious like im still laughing lol pls do more pranks IM BEGGING YOU PLSSS
Rashawn Johnson
Rashawn Johnson Month ago
Are you kidding me what that's Addison ray of course she's prettier than you is Addison ray
Pia Hulsey
Pia Hulsey Month ago
I'm sweet little angel by hope you read my textπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ•πŸˆπŸ‰πŸŽ†πŸŽƒπŸ‘’πŸ‘‘
Rhiannon Kilgore
Rhiannon Kilgore Month ago
I am your biggest fan lev 😜
livy smith
livy smith Month ago
Jev smiling at Addison raes Instagram
Kendall Posa
Kendall Posa Month ago
No one literally no one lev when made piper mad πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
Akeya Davis
Akeya Davis Month ago
Galilea M
Galilea M Month ago
Piper needs to chill she gets mad easily no wonder walker hated her I would to
Patsy Corn
Patsy Corn Month ago
Dear people who like this post u will live for more than 100 years πŸ˜πŸ˜„
AT Month ago
Piper a cow you do the same to him❀️❀️❀️
Lailonie Moore
Lailonie Moore Month ago
Sents Piper's commons are turnd off can you tell her haw great she is for me lev
Lilly’s World
Lilly’s World Month ago
You and jezent are soooooooooo funny
Viannay Gonzalez
Viannay Gonzalez Month ago
Teijah Gallegos
Teijah Gallegos Month ago
lev: of course she is going to be prettier than you me: 1 hour of dying laughing
Stephany Ferman
Stephany Ferman Month ago
CJ SO SAVAGE Month ago
Yo this is a good prank like If you agree πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Never Know
Never Know Month ago
No hate to you lev
Never Know
Never Know Month ago
I want pavin back together
Never Know
Never Know Month ago
I want pavin back
Aisha butterfly
Aisha butterfly Month ago
Sherlyn Playz
Sherlyn Playz 2 months ago
Ur high as fudge if u think u can date ur High as fudge high as fudge u wanna to keep where the airplane is : UR HIG AS FUDGE ALL ABOARD THE LEV IS STUPID NERD HIGH TRAIN !!!😑😑😑 ✈this is the airplane
Lexi Lewis
Lexi Lewis 2 months ago
Why does everything that Lev does a problem to if this was real and he changed his screen saver I mean like its HIS PHONE he can do what he wants with it.....(I'm not a hater)
queen tete
queen tete 2 months ago
Jakayla Atkins
Jakayla Atkins 2 months ago
I hate liper there so stupid
isaiah chapman
isaiah chapman 2 months ago
Maylin Medrano
Maylin Medrano 2 months ago
Be friends with coco agin πŸ’”πŸ˜Ÿβ€πŸ˜ŸπŸ™β˜Ή
Maylin Medrano
Maylin Medrano 2 months ago
Piper you should be friends with coco πŸ˜ŸπŸ’”
Aaliyson Rodriguez
Aaliyson Rodriguez 2 months ago
piper got so mad at lev.
me urrutia
me urrutia 2 months ago
Hi my name is Marissa and l thing Connor Cain is cute..
Oumou Ndiaye
Oumou Ndiaye 2 months ago
So lev comment are like tured on
Shirley Sim
Shirley Sim 2 months ago
Piper get in back Team piper sorry love sorry didn't say sorry movie πŸŽ₯
Shirley Sim
Shirley Sim 2 months ago
Shirley Sim
Shirley Sim 2 months ago
If you are my best friend I would dump you😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Emmi Medina
Emmi Medina 2 months ago
your guy's scream is so funny.
Kay Civil
Kay Civil 2 months ago
done stupid caca lev!!!!
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