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Lev Cameron

2 months ago

Hey guys it's Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Sit back and watching tattoo prank on my girlfriend, she freaked out. Thats right everyone in todays video my best friend Jentzen and i get together get our first tattoo to see how my girlfriend (Piper) and Elliana reacts. Basically Jentzen and i went out and got our first tattoos ever, after this we met up with the girls. they soon after noticed out tattoos and my girlfriend Piper Rockelle freaked out on me. Stay tuned till the end to see everyones reactions. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
#lastto #challenge #dare
----**who was in the video**---
_Piper Rockelle
Elliana Walmsley :
Sawyer Sharbino:
Connor Cain:
Ayden Mekus:
Jentzen Ramirez:
Emily Dobson:
Claire Rocksmith:
Hayden Haas:
Jena Davis :
Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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instagram : @itsmelev

Brooklyn Elledge
Brooklyn Elledge 2 hours ago
Live are you sure you want to be with paper cuz I'll be with you if you don't want to be with her I'm 14 she little 13 year old 13 year old
Marianne Felix
Marianne Felix 5 hours ago
Piper and lev is a couple and I am a fan of the squad
Maricella Chacon
Maricella Chacon 8 hours ago
yes #semily pls be official
JORGE MAVILIO 10 hours ago
Nobody: Not anybody in da freakinghgvchfg worl Him: dIpEr
VIJAY KUMAR K 16 hours ago
Talas Planet
Talas Planet 18 hours ago
Cora Lopez
Cora Lopez 23 hours ago
Dindi is so cute I can’t even...🙌
Thando Seonyane
Thando Seonyane Day ago
The girls were the problem in this challenge
Jade Taylor
Jade Taylor Day ago
Who wishes they could join the squad?
Diesel Nevarez
Diesel Nevarez Day ago
that is sad Destiny Neal
Amelia Mansfield
Amelia Mansfield Day ago
Lev and piper are matching 💞
Lexi Does stuff
Lexi Does stuff 2 days ago
Abby Ficklin
Abby Ficklin 2 days ago
But like why is piper so grown
Abby Ficklin
Abby Ficklin 2 days ago
Y’all are so adorable
Flare_ sunset fan
Flare_ sunset fan 2 days ago
it was Connor's voice crack for me
Janaiyah Moore
Janaiyah Moore 2 days ago
Lukeodwyer50 2 days ago
Is Elliana officially in the squad
skapich Day ago
I think so
GiaVaughne Baylor
GiaVaughne Baylor 2 days ago
my favorite couple is lipper
Bella Manriquez
Bella Manriquez 3 days ago
I’m sorry guys but y’all should probably stop y’all are only like 12 and 13 no offense😬
Arshpreet Sandhu
Arshpreet Sandhu 3 days ago
don't wanna be picky but my favorite couple has to be Eliana and Jenteon
But i allready passed 10 years lol
Piper Bruns
Piper Bruns 4 days ago
12:05 Hayden counting the money. Like Connor messed up. No hate I just thought it was funny. His face was funny as he was counting
Guadalupe gilreyes
Guadalupe gilreyes 4 days ago
Can they please break up 💔
Robloxchamp Nielsen
Robloxchamp Nielsen 4 days ago
Is elliana Jensen girlfriend of us Sofia
Gamonica 4 days ago
How else wants sayden,Clayden and Semily to be official??
Lily Mae Simpson
Lily Mae Simpson 5 days ago
NGL Liper is the CUTEST couple ever Im jealous
Oreanna Morris
Oreanna Morris 5 days ago
Hey lev is cute
bryce hrdlicka
bryce hrdlicka 5 days ago
the host sounds like dipper from gravity falls
Riddhima Rai
Riddhima Rai 6 days ago
Is it bad that I’m still not over jophie?
Its Chloe_2010
Its Chloe_2010 7 days ago
I miss Indi in the squad
Laura Parsons
Laura Parsons 7 days ago
calum watt
calum watt 7 days ago
charly and meme Jones
charly and meme Jones 8 days ago
pls don't push my butten's you fake called money ughh
Hailey Sypkens
Hailey Sypkens 9 days ago
I’m 11 lol I can’t subscribe? LOL I love your videos Lev, Piper, and everyone in the squad!
Ali Plays
Ali Plays 9 days ago
Dont get me wrong, but I felt like Jenson seemed a bit annoyed when they were doing a couples pose. he was like "YeAh I kNoW"
Julianna Felix
Julianna Felix 9 days ago
I subscribed like yesterday so I’m new!❤️
Chloe Tate
Chloe Tate 9 days ago
Love all of much
Chloe Tate
Chloe Tate 9 days ago
Can yall plz give me some iphone.plz
Life with Sisters
Life with Sisters 10 days ago
hi lev and piper
Casey Lee
Casey Lee 10 days ago
Please could you tell me PipersNumber please please please please please please please I am a huge fan of her please
Evie E
Evie E 9 days ago
What kind of boyfriend would tell a random stranger online what their girlfriends number is-
Nirmala Abbu
Nirmala Abbu 11 days ago
I had no idea once I was watching shorts in utube I was noooo but they didn't really it was all a challenge( for jelliana the break up)
tikoktok videos
tikoktok videos 11 days ago
Thai was fun to whatch🤣
Gorgeous Disazzsta
Gorgeous Disazzsta 11 days ago
I love you lev your so cute dump your girl friend and call me
this is a channel
this is a channel 12 days ago
what with the caption/description ??????????
Christina’s Corner
Christina’s Corner 12 days ago
Diper vs Jelliana lol
Nikki Holloway
Nikki Holloway 12 days ago
I think the best couple is liper piper and lev
Zachary Whelan
Zachary Whelan 12 days ago
boy you be playing in my trickss
Coberry 12 days ago
I think Hayden should ask Claire to be his girlfriend already, They are just so cute together! #Clayden
Lemon _ Lime
Lemon _ Lime 12 days ago
My favoret couple is liperrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi hi
Hi hi 13 days ago
Samantha Topick
Samantha Topick 14 days ago
Let’s try and get Lev to 2mil
not alex
not alex 14 days ago
Jamarionn_ ste
Jamarionn_ ste 15 days ago
This Vs That
This Vs That 15 days ago
a single Pringle And not looking to mingle! Like if u agree
Rishitha Sushma
Rishitha Sushma 16 days ago
Piper should have worn something more appropriate because she is always pulling it up all the time
Ashley Wood
Ashley Wood 16 days ago
Can you say hi Josephine
Ashley Wood
Ashley Wood 16 days ago
Tell Piper she's the best USpostsr in the world and so is lev
Kelvin Entwisle
Kelvin Entwisle 17 days ago
Elia Aguilar
Elia Aguilar 17 days ago
23:16 jentz- Loll
Solomon Samuel
Solomon Samuel 17 days ago
I love people in the squad :Conner says he’s face is like a tamoto
Armando Gutierrez
Armando Gutierrez 18 days ago
#Sayden is the best!
Sushi Ruby
Sushi Ruby 18 days ago
I’m sorry but the only thing this video did for me was entertain me and make me feel more single
Hidden Krishi
Hidden Krishi 18 days ago
From the whole swad i love you and pier copple
Olivia McGhee
Olivia McGhee 19 days ago
do it do iT
Kinda Ebrahim
Kinda Ebrahim 19 days ago
My favorite couple is Liper
Lenee Cruz
Lenee Cruz 20 days ago
What is elianna and jenttanz ship name
Shortie Her
Shortie Her 20 days ago
Oh my god and one ew
Charlotte Kirby
Charlotte Kirby 20 days ago
Ada Yuksel
Ada Yuksel 20 days ago
Jophie please no jellyanna
Gabriela Caro lopez
Gabriela Caro lopez 21 day ago
My fav part:symmone yanking Ayden and hugging him.
Zori Johnson
Zori Johnson 21 day ago
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes 21 day ago
Pipper and lev
Chris Jakobsen
Chris Jakobsen 21 day ago
Piper is seriously so pretty 😍💖
Kimberly Ward
Kimberly Ward 21 day ago
is it just me or is dindi like the greatest couple
Kimberly Ward
Kimberly Ward 21 day ago
together hayden and claire look like 3rd graders🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Itz_Taliyah Forever
Itz_Taliyah Forever 21 day ago
My fav couple is between piper and sayden
Itz_Taliyah Forever
Itz_Taliyah Forever 21 day ago
Lol that commercial break tho
Miah Jnolewis
Miah Jnolewis 21 day ago
Tanya Martell
Tanya Martell 21 day ago
Lucy Cleece
Lucy Cleece 22 days ago
Is it just me think thinks Claire and Hayden are soooo cute together!!!
Gracie 21 day ago
@Lucy Cleece Yep 👍
Lucy Cleece
Lucy Cleece 21 day ago
@Gracie omg really
Gracie 21 day ago
Ikr!!! But i find it odd that it’s pipers ex 🤣
Sophie 22 days ago
The fact that Symonne grabbed Ayden when Lev said find a partner is adorable
Savannah Vergara-Dykes
Savannah Vergara-Dykes 22 days ago
i what sayden offical
SoapDeity Dude
SoapDeity Dude 23 days ago
This is how many of these videos are fake I I I
Hope Tripp
Hope Tripp 23 days ago
Hi piper you should do another last to say no but instead have the girls and boys be switched girls have to say yes
Cammy Cumby
Cammy Cumby 23 days ago
i say indi and donlad, but who the freak knew that clair and hade n like each other?
Zoey Peterson
Zoey Peterson 23 days ago
It was so funny when Lev said we are going first I love how piper started attacking him
Zoey Peterson
Zoey Peterson 23 days ago
Poor Conner don't got a partner
PuffyTheBunnyYT 23 days ago
When you get Bad Boy meme vibes from Jelliana doing the yoga pose and pushup-
Kayleigh Miller
Kayleigh Miller 23 days ago
We all just want everyone to be official here let’s be honest :-
Unicorn Mode
Unicorn Mode 23 days ago
What if you are ten?
Sydney Bennet
Sydney Bennet 23 days ago
Who is Cruise boy??
Payveen Zebari
Payveen Zebari 24 days ago
Quinns Show
Quinns Show 24 days ago
my fave couple was LIPER
Lol Princesse
Lol Princesse 24 days ago
Diper ?!!🤣🤣
Rosie twice Chaeng
Rosie twice Chaeng 24 days ago
17:40 this is why I don’t like her she’s so dramatic and tryna be so cute
Brandy Griswold
Brandy Griswold 24 days ago
I’m 10 does it count?
Marie Mehrezi
Marie Mehrezi 24 days ago
People waiting for semily to be official im waiting i hope nothing goes through them aha 🤣💞
Traymar carter
Traymar carter 24 days ago
me to
Justin Bertrand
Justin Bertrand 24 days ago
The 2 best couples are lev and piper and Haden and clair
Empire Elius
Empire Elius 24 days ago
Looking good couples
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