Telling My Best Friend I Have A CRUSH On His "GIRLFRIEND" PRANK **EMOTIONAL REACTION**😂😡|Lev Cameron

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Lev Cameron

2 months ago

Hey guys it's Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Sit back and watch todays video telling my best friend i have a crush on his girlfriend prank, emotional reaction. Thats right everyone, today i though of a funny prank on the squad. Imagine if i had feelings for my best friends girlfriend. Well Today i told my best friends this news, and their reactions are price less. I didn't expect the emotional reaction from some of the guys in the squad. Make sure you screen shot your favorite part of this video and repost then tag me on ig for a LIKE back. These prank vlogs are so funny, and fun to film. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
#girlfriend #prank #crush
----**who was in the video**---
Piper Rockelle:
Jentzen Ramirez:
Ayden Mekus:
Sawyer Sharbino:

Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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Ruqiyah Ismail
Ruqiyah Ismail 2 hours ago
If anything emotional Sawyar says" I AM HERE FOR YOU "
Ciara Wiggins
Ciara Wiggins 12 hours ago
Emily is cool
ناديه السبيعي
ناديه السبيعي Day ago
Sofi Alayon
Sofi Alayon Day ago
I want sawyer as my friend
Courtney Casey
Courtney Casey Day ago
Sawyer is so nice
Royal queen Queen
Royal queen Queen Day ago
I thought it was going to be eleana
Royal queen Queen
Royal queen Queen 12 hours ago
@Coco Cookiez you are right sorry eliana
Coco Cookiez
Coco Cookiez 12 hours ago
illy Jaiden
illy Jaiden 3 days ago
dude sawyer is so unproblematic he was like I respect it and good for y’all like I would have been so mad
Nylla Antonette Flores
Nylla Antonette Flores 4 days ago
I don't know why but i just realize ayden is a actor on dharmann
Nylla Antonette Flores
Nylla Antonette Flores 4 days ago
Sawyer don't use the word boyfriend and girlfriend its to long just say were not realy offical or couple
Elizabeth Muffin
Elizabeth Muffin 5 days ago
Lev: I think I like... Ad: Pepsi.
Isabella Olivia
Isabella Olivia 5 days ago
Sawyer is always so mature and is such a good friend like if you agree.
WinnG 6 days ago
Yo gr8 vid editor jus try making them a bit short
Indi Flower
Indi Flower 6 days ago
I think lev freaked out and said Liana because if he said Elliana he would be dead 😂
Queen of games
Queen of games 6 days ago
Sawyer is the sweetest prsonnnn he said ( I am here for you if you need any thing) he said it from his heart♥️♥️
Rebekka Møller
Rebekka Møller 7 days ago
Sawyer i literally a real true friend!
Mariana Razo
Mariana Razo 8 days ago
Robin Benjamin
Robin Benjamin 8 days ago
That's was so so wrong lev cameron but I like it so so much more
slime Queen
slime Queen 8 days ago
Every one getting over 10 likes . Me liking my comments 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♀️
Phoenix family forever
Phoenix family forever 9 days ago
Lev:ITS A PRANK advert:you just lost a friends
Hi hi
Hi hi 10 days ago
I swear sawyer is the BEST friend
Karla Gamboa
Karla Gamboa 11 days ago
saywer is the best friend ever keep him
hello there
hello there 11 days ago
Awww sawyer is such a good friend.
Bad Bleep.
Bad Bleep. 12 days ago
LOL aydens reaction looks like hes gonna punch someone
Chill with Lil
Chill with Lil 14 days ago
Ha ha ha
Evalyn Moreno
Evalyn Moreno 17 days ago
Everyone’s reaction was so funny to me 🤣🤩😂❤️
Ann-Kathrin Haakonsen
Ann-Kathrin Haakonsen 18 days ago
Hewo u Are so cool bat hvata pip Are u duing
Christina Barela
Christina Barela 18 days ago
Sawyar is such a good friend 😊
baltyco tapay
baltyco tapay 18 days ago
I like your video
Joslynne Marie
Joslynne Marie 19 days ago
Wait there dating I didn’t know that Jenzten and Eliana were dating!
Huda Alturk
Huda Alturk 19 days ago
Are they😊😊 "Girlfriend" and "Boyfriend or crushes like I'm so confused ????? Im talking about jentzen and ellie btw
Sally 19 days ago
omg sawyer :D
Olivia Woodruff
Olivia Woodruff 19 days ago
I thought lev was going to say I he liked him as a prank
Indie Kid
Indie Kid 20 days ago
Sawyer is wayyyyy to nice
Kimberly Gilley
Kimberly Gilley 21 day ago
Now we really know how the cell about the girls
Hala Farah
Hala Farah 21 day ago
I actually thought that lev was gonna tell jentzen that he likes Elliana
Hala Farah
Hala Farah 21 day ago
How concerned was jentzen for piper
Hala Farah
Hala Farah 21 day ago
Sawyer is such a good friend He said he will always be there for him And he didn’t get mad that he likes his “Girlfriend”
Sarah Rienhold
Sarah Rienhold 21 day ago
Funny video😂
Theona McNeal
Theona McNeal 22 days ago
If my friend told me that she liked my crush I’d die XD (but I don’t have to worry about that cuz I don’t have either)
Caitlyn Isaiah
Caitlyn Isaiah 22 days ago
Omg sooo Excited 😊
Raegan Geditz
Raegan Geditz 22 days ago
Lev: I am in love with your sister. Me: well this took a turn.
nun of ya
nun of ya 22 days ago
Sawyer is just a ✨gentleman✨
Xxsal_ Salxx
Xxsal_ Salxx 22 days ago
Who else released hunter/editor has the Karen cut
Caroline Shoon
Caroline Shoon 22 days ago
charley cleasby
charley cleasby 22 days ago
sawyer was so nice
sienna underhill
sienna underhill 22 days ago
Lev to jentzen : I like you’re sister Me : 🤭😱
Isla Riego
Isla Riego 22 days ago
Sawyer IS SAVEGE he litterly said I think she dose note like you dude I was like Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Claire Cook
Claire Cook 23 days ago
Ok sayer u will just say it straight “ I don’t think she will like u dude”
Claire Cook
Claire Cook 23 days ago
Jensen looked like he was going to cry
Claire Cook
Claire Cook 23 days ago
And Ayden also looks like he’s about to punch lev
Claire Cook
Claire Cook 23 days ago
Ayden was like with dide that is so messed up
Claire Cook
Claire Cook 23 days ago
Sayer is a little preacher my dude
angella smith
angella smith 23 days ago
prank ideas 1. banging your head then passing out on piper and the squad 2.have a meltdown with the door locked on piper jentzen sawyer and ayden 3.throwing up randomly on piper 4.randomly crying infront of the squad
Cheriixi 24 days ago
Sawyer Is such a good friend but he was like I don’t think she would like you and jentzen was like worried about piper. When lev said your sister I thought he was ganna say someone else I was like 😦😱
Sofi Efstathiou
Sofi Efstathiou 24 days ago
When he said I like your sister I was expecting for him to say about Eliana and I was like whatdidhesayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Bea Botha
Bea Botha 25 days ago
Omg! Al the squad is si cute ti cute and for me semily is the cutetest for me and BTW i love frank
Simply Glittery
Simply Glittery 27 days ago
Lev just give her a promise ring! Child what are you doing
Addison Lajoie
Addison Lajoie 27 days ago
Tomppp Joyce
Tomppp Joyce 27 days ago
Izzy Sutton
Izzy Sutton 28 days ago
Sawyers reaction was so sweet. He wasn’t even mad. ❤️
ruthben007 28 days ago
Robin Benjamin
Robin Benjamin 29 days ago
Like chicken
Robin Benjamin
Robin Benjamin 29 days ago
Wait what are you kidding me right now Lev
DAVID NJOROGE 29 days ago
ella hill
ella hill Month ago
all of these pranks r fake it makes me sad
ella hill
ella hill Month ago
sawyer is such a good guy
Tunde Odeyinde
Tunde Odeyinde Month ago
sawyer is literally very sweet
Annabel Lee
Annabel Lee Month ago
love these pranks keep uo the good work
solomon ochieng
solomon ochieng Month ago
Sawyer was heart broke but he didn't want to show it
Rayaanah Ahmed
Rayaanah Ahmed Month ago
Mireya Martinez
Mireya Martinez Month ago
If sawyer was my best friend he would be rlly nice if I said I liked his crush But if I told my best fren this is what she would say Ashley: b!tch yo @$$ is dead
It’s ltextchqrzl
It’s ltextchqrzl Month ago
So is Jentzen sister his girlfriend 🤣
Gacha.pup.x Gacha.thingz
Gacha.pup.x Gacha.thingz Month ago
All the ppl who disliked must have their .screens upside down and they thought it was the like button 🌺😂😂
Sumeyra Sideifzada
Sumeyra Sideifzada Month ago
people that think that lev was going to say Ellieana
I- do you ever feel embarrassed for someone else bc that is how I was feeling through the whole vid lol
Sarah 172
Sarah 172 Month ago
Ikr its so crazy
EGGaming sux
EGGaming sux Month ago
Lev-I like..... Me-Elianna!!!!! Lev-Your sister... Me-huh?
Zemeriah Fraise
Zemeriah Fraise Month ago
Jensen is very cute ❤
Dia Ahluwalia
Dia Ahluwalia 29 days ago
Its jentzen not jensen
Keelyn Biron
Keelyn Biron Month ago
Aw sawyer is the nicest!!
SunriseXbella Month ago
I feel like jenzten likes piper
Cra Cra Crazy fam
Cra Cra Crazy fam Month ago
Awwwwww Sawyer is such an amazing friend 😊☺️
Addison Sicard
Addison Sicard Month ago
ME AT HOPITAL: *My hand is broken* Nurse: How did you break your hand?? Also me: Hitting the like button..
Dia Ahluwalia
Dia Ahluwalia 29 days ago
This is the stupidest joke ever
Juleigh Khan
Juleigh Khan Month ago
I wish I could meet the squad it my dream
Krystal Snowdon
Krystal Snowdon Month ago
Everyone: omg Sawyer is so sweet Me: Jentzen cares so much about Piper
Lill_PuppyGirl Plays
Lill_PuppyGirl Plays Month ago
He is so sweet but I would not like to be Emily
Elle Gaines
Elle Gaines Month ago
I’d piper ok from the last video🙄😬
Racheal Month ago
Sawyer’s shirt literally says new york😂
-,- Month ago
bruh give me a sawyer in my life-
Anistyn Samuell
Anistyn Samuell Month ago
love your videos i want too be in your squad so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the squad how do i get in
Kandy Hensley
Kandy Hensley Month ago
Just did my clutch
It’s Luna’s Life
It’s Luna’s Life Month ago
Everyone: is nobody gonna talk about how sweet sawyer is? Me: yeah, ppl are, bc that’s *ALL* the comments
R P Month ago
I seriously thought that with Jentzen that it would be Elliana
Macieboo Webster
Macieboo Webster Month ago
Omg I love Jentzen so much he is so amazing and Elliana and jentzen is such a loyal couple
Perla and Andrea Gonzalez
Perla and Andrea Gonzalez Month ago
Who else thought when he got to jentzen he was gonna say ellieana XD
MeanieNessa Month ago
Are we not gonna talk about how Sawyer is the sweetest person ever!"
Gina Virgini
Gina Virgini Month ago
I loved when sawyer laughed when lev was telling him that he loves Emily.
trinity morgan
trinity morgan Month ago
Dude I have a idea you should prank hayden Connor and donald Indi RUBY elliana claire and basically everyone but the people who are constantly being pranked
Aniecea Brown
Aniecea Brown Month ago
No you cheated out of paper like why are you cheating on piperEati🤣😮
Its Traicy
Its Traicy Month ago
No ones gonna talk about how they clickbaited all of us-
Farheen Khan
Farheen Khan Month ago
Are you freaking kidding me ... I was watching this video the whole time ⌚ for jenstenz reaction for elliana 🤯🤯🤯
BrookieVlog Month ago
I thought Lev was going to say to Jentzen "I like Elliana" oop..
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