If You Say “BABE” You Have to REMOVE A LAYER OF CLOTHING! **CHALLENGE** | Lev Cameron

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Lev Cameron

22 days ago

Hey guys it's Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Today I'm bringing you if you say "babe" you have to remove a layer of clothing. That's right everyone, today I challenge the whole squad and my own girlfriend, Piper Rochelle, to an epic challenge. The rules to this challenge are simple, just don't say the word "babe", and you win. Let's just say that Jentzen and Elliana might not be the best at the if you day challenge. Stay tuned till the end to see who has to remove the most layers of clothing, in this fun challenge. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
#babe #challenge #girlfriend
----**who was in the video**---
_Piper Rockelle
- usposts.info/level/Yfbq37VGb-07tDS0FGtsPw.html
Elliana Walmsley :
Sawyer Sharbino:
- usposts.info/level/NNAWP6LWbkgQm2ta8PV1Hw.html
Ayden Mekus:
- usposts.info/level/hMLmVuElASTNV4nybq0FCg.html
Jentzen Ramirez:
- usposts.info/level/oCB5pbeNAvc_a_OWHM2kmQ.html
Emily Dobson:
- usposts.info/level/LyQ8l3LVegc2G5jGV1W7VA.html
Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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Isla Moffatt
Isla Moffatt 8 minutes ago
Pipers 13 and lev is 15 😰
Tanaya Varsani
Tanaya Varsani 38 minutes ago
They don’t even be calling them baby or babe or anything like that tho-
Savannah Blue stars
Savannah Blue stars 41 minute ago
I am not gonna be on her team
Kylie Matthis
Kylie Matthis 43 minutes ago
Lev: “you should do this to the subscribe button” Me: so I should drop kick the subscribe button? Ok My computer: -------------
Jj Love
Jj Love 59 minutes ago
She said baby you know whenever the camera rolling and then she said it again after please popped up
aisha Sherlock
aisha Sherlock Hour ago
what is elliana wearing isn’t she like 12???
mimi tee03
mimi tee03 2 hours ago
I feel like Eliana is trying to take off the layers
Aubree Rose
Aubree Rose 2 hours ago
This video is so funny
Aubree Rose
Aubree Rose 2 hours ago
This vid is so funny
Alize Bentinck
Alize Bentinck 3 hours ago
What in the 5th grade is this ? 💀
pemba 3 hours ago
Omg I realised that the boy in dharr Mann vids is here
Abby Porter
Abby Porter 4 hours ago
Their like 12 and 13 they don't need to be getting undressed in front of there friends especially if their guys and girls its not ok
Limelight Forever
Limelight Forever 4 hours ago
This ain’t right
thickotaro buttkuto
thickotaro buttkuto 5 hours ago
this is just downright disgusting
Autumn Gaming
Autumn Gaming 6 hours ago
KGBKiddos Bocablo
KGBKiddos Bocablo 6 hours ago
Am I the only one that is sad because sofie is not here 😢
Rayna Oliver
Rayna Oliver 6 hours ago
Anyone else’s audio stuff up?
Dayna Miranda
Dayna Miranda 6 hours ago
Every time Elianna said baby I laughed so hard for some reason 😂🤣
Alexajoy DC
Alexajoy DC 6 hours ago
Uhh-uhh 👁👄👁 tf?!! Is this bro you guys r literally 13
Shahina Gurl
Shahina Gurl 7 hours ago
Augh everytime Lev keep on shouting its so Annoying😒
Shahina Gurl
Shahina Gurl 7 hours ago
Or screaming
sxmply matilda
sxmply matilda 7 hours ago
Jezten is so rude to elliana
Hannah Khan
Hannah Khan 7 hours ago
Jantzen stop behind so mad at elilianna because she is such a nice girl and it's just a game
Lava Salar
Lava Salar 7 hours ago
Its so rude when jensen said eliana messes everything challenge and she’s stupid its not its his girlfriend
Lynn Ansley Lumbreras
Lynn Ansley Lumbreras 7 hours ago
I haven't even touched a boy's hand🖐️😭
Lollipop Lulu
Lollipop Lulu 7 hours ago
I want candy
Lollipop Lulu
Lollipop Lulu 7 hours ago
Yuly Soria
Yuly Soria 8 hours ago
When I look at your friends shirt it says so you see so does it mean he was acting at darr mann because I watch Darren mann and then I might have seen your friend acting the doorman I saw one when he was acting with two different skin Brothers he was white and the other one was black
Yuly Soria
Yuly Soria 8 hours ago
I know right
shyanne Goh
shyanne Goh 8 hours ago
Ayden wearing dhar mann t-shirt 😆
Jessica Marga DeLeon
Jessica Marga DeLeon 8 hours ago
Honestly jentzen seems really rude to elliana. I feel bad
Mason Smith
Mason Smith 8 hours ago
so sophies gone the jentzen cheats
ellyssia crozier
ellyssia crozier 8 hours ago
I heard someone way the word!❤
Hannah Quiban
Hannah Quiban 9 hours ago
Rupam Chakraborty
Rupam Chakraborty 10 hours ago
Well... all I can say is that this video is a little aggressive for our ages like 13..cuz u don't even know what kind of people are watching and what kind of impact is coming to the minds of other teens
Kofoworola Arijeloye
Kofoworola Arijeloye 11 hours ago
i´m done defending y´all 😐 I hope we get the dislikes to 1 million🤡
Miles Ratubuli
Miles Ratubuli 11 hours ago
Theirs a lot of hate comments like they are just living young doing what teenagers do (well not most of them )but they are doing for a USposts video just leave them🤬alone jeez -me
ErikaKrisselle Gatmaitan
ErikaKrisselle Gatmaitan 11 hours ago
They act like they’re 23 my brother literally just plays games on his Computer when he was 13 snd acts his age.
Anahy Flores
Anahy Flores 11 hours ago
This is embarrassing
Chrissaye Ann Tadique
Chrissaye Ann Tadique 12 hours ago
ayo its that kid from dharmann
SaMaRa RoSe
SaMaRa RoSe 12 hours ago
What is this ain’t they like 8???
Countryboy12111 13 hours ago
I heard that
SAVANNAH 906 13 hours ago
piper ur 13 years old.
Caitlin Alonzo
Caitlin Alonzo 14 hours ago
So lev jump over piper is actually a game in the phillipines it’s could loksung baka 😀
Madilyn Dances
Madilyn Dances 14 hours ago
The arguments and yelling had me died
Maddie 11 65
Maddie 11 65 15 hours ago
Oh my God I love you and Piper tell her I say hi
Selam Girmay
Selam Girmay 15 hours ago
I’m embarrassed to say I’m the same age as these people
Selam Girmay
Selam Girmay 15 hours ago
What even is this
ahleayiaH 15 hours ago
Honestly I love Piper and lev it's just this thumbnail was very inappropriate because it had a lot of people thinking that it was going to be an appropriate and I love there Channel like no hate to them but you guys just need to be careful what you post. It gave alot of people the wrong idea/ by the way this is no hate you guys it's your choice what you want to do in life cause it's your life💗 I'm just sharing my personal opinion
Jaimar Sanchez
Jaimar Sanchez 16 hours ago
Lev. Is our father piper is our mother the rest of the squad is our aunt/uncle
Jayda Saldana
Jayda Saldana 17 hours ago
Kim Rhodes
Kim Rhodes 17 hours ago
I am sorry for you Piper that your getting really bad comments from people and your Big Brother
Kim Rhodes
Kim Rhodes 18 hours ago
Why is everyone telling lev to take it of the game haven't started lol🤣
bumpy bubbles
bumpy bubbles 18 hours ago
I thought piper cut her hair
Gracie Sparks
Gracie Sparks 18 hours ago
Gentzen is so mean to Eliana I feel so bad about it
MAHJABIN KABIR 18 hours ago
hahahahahaha the way lev screamed
pickled Alien
pickled Alien 18 hours ago
Bruh Piper is 13?! she shouldn't be doing these type of stuff ;-;
MAHJABIN KABIR 18 hours ago
why is ayden whering dhar manns shirt
clarissa v
clarissa v 19 hours ago
y’all are kids
Wiinnter 19 hours ago
It was my sister birthday
Amelia Seal
Amelia Seal 20 hours ago
Dose the boy with the gray jumper and the pink shirt for the girl come from darh man?....
Alonso Gomez
Alonso Gomez 22 hours ago
They are shit at acting 😂😂😂
Julie Holubova
Julie Holubova 23 hours ago
Synonym said bbwhat
Carlee bess Willims
Carlee bess Willims 23 hours ago
What happened to sofie
Mackenzie Green
Mackenzie Green 23 hours ago
It is not that hard to to not say baby
netsanet Admassu
netsanet Admassu Day ago
Amara Amaraa
Amara Amaraa Day ago
Lev i sayd babe anytime to you that means i need to lose qnd follow like videl turn the komments and yeah bye 🤘😂😜
Wow they scream so loud... jezz
I feel like Jenstezen doesn’t like elliania as much
yoongis sleeps
yoongis sleeps Day ago
...what in the genz is this
elene ksovreli
elene ksovreli Day ago
Sorry NO
Nayla Day ago
Laura Towers
Laura Towers Day ago
Megan Chetty
Megan Chetty Day ago
Were my eyes playing tricks or was aiden wearing a Dhar Mann t shirt
Boyboy Selolo
Boyboy Selolo Day ago
Hi Lev l subscribed and liked and shared
butter always
butter always Day ago
Aleah’s Kingdom
Aleah’s Kingdom Day ago
I didn’t know y’all knew somebody from dhar mann
Tina Erickson
Tina Erickson Day ago
zeane st james
zeane st james Day ago
I love you lev and not as a fam like really like you
Mirella Gonzalez
Mirella Gonzalez Day ago
Hi I am you're biggest fan
Nadia Izhar
Nadia Izhar Day ago
Yushie_ Moxha i am not hating but i know this is wrong like if anyone agrees with me
jensen is so mean like ugh
Lili Oropeza
Lili Oropeza Day ago
Cayman Cavnar
Cayman Cavnar Day ago
tbh i only like sayden or whatever that couple is, they seem like a regular couple that’s nice and not like everyone else. the thumbnail is just inappropriate and I don’t think these 12 and 13-year-olds should be doing this honestly
Luisa Day ago
Doesn’t LA have a stay at home order anyway? Bro💀💀
Lynda Farrar
Lynda Farrar Day ago
Poor elliana
Strawberry_slimeart Shop
Strawberry_slimeart Shop Day ago
This is messed up
Katanya Lestrange
Katanya Lestrange Day ago
Airrianna Findley
Airrianna Findley Day ago
No I did too
Darina Smirnova
Darina Smirnova Day ago
CNN, Bvm.n
i'm so happy i'm living an average life as a 13 year old because.......... i don't want to waste the little time i have as a child because time goes by so fast so i just want to enjoy it as much as i can.
Andrea Day ago
This is just strait up weird
hailey quinn
hailey quinn Day ago
Hi im a big fan
Wendolyn Lansdown
Wendolyn Lansdown Day ago
How disgusting can they be!!!!
Wendolyn Lansdown
Wendolyn Lansdown Day ago
Lev i did NOT subscribe to you you should break up with piper you don't deserve her she is to good for you you should find someone else to be your gf
Khloe Buckner
Khloe Buckner Day ago
Piper and lev are such a cute couple
felicia velove
felicia velove Day ago
Danica Leonard
Danica Leonard Day ago
What are y’all teaching these kids these days like really 😳😳😳😳
Nicole Day ago
Lmfao what is this
YourLocalApologyVideo. Day ago
What is this maam 😭😭
delia. Day ago
maa what 🙏🙏
• WildMuffin •
• WildMuffin • Day ago
When piper said “i said the word” with grapes in her mouth and lev copied her OMG ITS SO FRIKIN-
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