Getting ARRESTED In Front Of My CRUSH To See Her Reaction PRANK!! **SHE CRIED** |Lev Cameron

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Lev Cameron

10 months ago

Hey guys it's Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's Crush. Sit back and enjoy watching getting arrested infront of my crush to see how she reacts prank she cried. In this prank today i don't just prank my crush i get the whole squad! Thats right everyone in the squad reacts to me getting arrested. This is one of the craziest pranks i've ever been apart of so stay tuned to see how everyone reacts! If you wanna see more challenge video with my crush and even the squad like this turn on notifications, and LIKE and SUBSCRIBE.
#prank #crush #react
-**who was in the video**-----
Cops: Lena Evan’s, Rigo Obezo
Piper Rockelle: @Piper Rockelle
Jentzen @Jentzen Ramirez
Jenna @Jenna Davis
Indi @Indi Star
Walker @Walker Bryant
Hayden @Hayden Haas Vlogs
Saywer @Sawyer Sharbino

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Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, social media star, and young actor. I've been living in hollywood for a long time, and i now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Crush Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page you can find great challenge videos like, last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, song and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.
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Kadiatou Diallo
Kadiatou Diallo 45 minutes ago
I was crying
Amber Galley
Amber Galley Hour ago
piper is pissed of
David Peppers
David Peppers Hour ago
give away piper apple produts
David Peppers
David Peppers Hour ago
give away piper rockell phone case
Shamiso Chivengwa
Shamiso Chivengwa 3 hours ago
Merry Christmas merry Christmas to you merry merry Christmas to you and family merry merry Christmas to you
Shamiso Chivengwa
Shamiso Chivengwa 3 hours ago
Hi my sister
Shamiso Chivengwa
Shamiso Chivengwa 3 hours ago
I think you have a good idea
Shamiso Chivengwa
Shamiso Chivengwa 3 hours ago
Merry Christmas
Shamiso Chivengwa
Shamiso Chivengwa 3 hours ago
Hi my dear friend I love you
Kayla Pickel
Kayla Pickel 5 hours ago
Since you're going to jail as a prank what do you think because she's the bomb there but sorry to say but actually she's the second mom the first one is actually Jenna Davis she is
Kayla Pickel
Kayla Pickel 5 hours ago
You sucker get some guts
hope nakare
hope nakare 5 hours ago
i really felt bad for jentzen cause he is my favourite
David Connors
David Connors 6 hours ago
I feel bad for the squad they were so sad
Badra Whooyo
Badra Whooyo 6 hours ago
Omg 😱 like when he just started laughing πŸ˜‚
Madison Barnes
Madison Barnes 7 hours ago
I love you guys I am a big fan
lucy jackson
lucy jackson 7 hours ago
RileyPurcell__ 10 hours ago
These are the moments that legit freaking scare me
Roudha Thani
Roudha Thani 11 hours ago
I started crying when piper cryed my sis was laughing at me
kostas trak
kostas trak 12 hours ago
kostas trak
kostas trak 13 hours ago
Walker and Hayden are like twins! Are they?
Rebecca Corbin
Rebecca Corbin 14 hours ago
My ideas are jophie pants and also liper shirts
Rebecca Corbin
Rebecca Corbin 14 hours ago
I would pick liper and also jophie
Sawvidean Ouk
Sawvidean Ouk 17 hours ago
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Nika Sedghgooyan
Nika Sedghgooyan 17 hours ago
I love how lev made it so realistic
Kim Rhodes
Kim Rhodes 18 hours ago
Why why lev Poor Piper
Kim Rhodes
Kim Rhodes 18 hours ago
Hey Piper I'm getting your Merch on my 10th birthday which is in March 2021 And I been wanting to have your merch for like a really really long time in my momma's letting me have it
katie vlogs
katie vlogs 20 hours ago
Me knowing its a prank and I still cryed
Life with Miah
Life with Miah 21 hour ago
And it's a prank
Life with Miah
Life with Miah 21 hour ago
U make me cry and is prank
Arrie Porter
Arrie Porter 22 hours ago
Hi pipper
Bianca Garcia
Bianca Garcia 22 hours ago
Bella’s Asmr Roblox
Bella’s Asmr Roblox Day ago
Bad acting bro
danni weckman
danni weckman Day ago
I was thinking that the can be a big fire flame on the black hoddie and pipper in the flame hope you like my idea
Andy "What's The" Maternowsky
Andy "What's The" Maternowsky Day ago
If I saw piper rock thing I would say a clip
mena Bautista
mena Bautista Day ago
Haha lev.
Jasmine Rodriguez
Jasmine Rodriguez Day ago
Do beanies and rings
Victor Guaman
Victor Guaman Day ago
Happy New Year
George Sumu
George Sumu Day ago
the way there crying is just cringe
Valarie Holmes
Valarie Holmes Day ago
It ok yall god love you so muchπŸ˜„!!
Jade Phelan
Jade Phelan Day ago
Radu Calin
Radu Calin Day ago
godepix223 Day ago
my nigga u realy need a perment to film
Lauren Green
Lauren Green Day ago
I know it was a prank but I still kinda got upset..πŸ˜₯
Nicky Alvarez
Nicky Alvarez Day ago
I though he was really going to jail I saw on tiktok
Avalannah Matthews
Avalannah Matthews Day ago
I saw the tiktok❀️❀️
Robert Turner
Robert Turner Day ago
Piper tho
Danielle Lucero
Danielle Lucero Day ago
Ralph The Dog
Ralph The Dog Day ago
i would really like some piper rockelle nail polish
yamileth alonso
yamileth alonso Day ago
nail polish is good
Ella Nobles
Ella Nobles Day ago
Yay i I want to see you
Nicole Moral
Nicole Moral Day ago
We have not seen sofy
kim Paengvaen
kim Paengvaen Day ago
Nicole Adams
Nicole Adams Day ago
I saw this on Tik Tok so I was like oh my God I like no no no no no no no no no not this can't be happening I have to go check
brad simonsen
brad simonsen Day ago
I want a piper Raquel car
FATOU SENE 2 days ago
Everybody is crying except for sawyer
reynagarduno76 2 days ago
I love your pranks to make piper cry
Brittney Hurley
Brittney Hurley 2 days ago
i love how lev was smiling and every ones mad sad crying
Freya Smith
Freya Smith 2 days ago
I was sweating. Omg this is so sad😭
Freya Smith
Freya Smith 2 days ago
I feel so bad they were all so sad 😒😒
Maddie Maria
Maddie Maria 2 days ago
Who's in 2021 watc
Lucy Sloan
Lucy Sloan 2 days ago
Kendall Asara
Kendall Asara 2 days ago
this is like somthing i watch all the time you ae awsome
Eliana Oseguera
Eliana Oseguera 2 days ago
Webularly almost made me cry
Eden Saroop
Eden Saroop 2 days ago
I knew it was a prank but lev made me cry
Takedownsoda439 Gamer
Takedownsoda439 Gamer 2 days ago
Fire banger lit lava
Takedownsoda439 Gamer
Takedownsoda439 Gamer 2 days ago
Takedownsoda439 Gamer
Takedownsoda439 Gamer 2 days ago
I don’t think I’m internet internet is a bad car I have no internet internet and I can’t get internet access to my car I have to get my internet connection and I’m going to have internet internet connection and I don’t know why it’s so bad I can’t get it back to my car I’m going to start my car I’m earth and I can’t get a hold of me I have to get my car fixed and I’m not going anywhere I’m going to tuiirr to do that and I’m going to start doing a lot of things and I’m not sure how I’m going to get my car back and then
Takedownsoda439 Gamer
Takedownsoda439 Gamer 2 days ago
I have to get east of my car in about a month or two or earth or a week so I don’t think I’m going to be there in overtones minutes and I can do the same as a little time to get a little rest of the car and I’m going to get my hair done and then I’ll get a hold and I will start the internet for the USposts videos
Emma Gamble
Emma Gamble 2 days ago
I think liper rings
Abriel TikTok boy
Abriel TikTok boy 2 days ago
Hi lev
Celia Washington
Celia Washington 2 days ago
i am crying
King song Song
King song Song 2 days ago
I fell so bad bc when the cop said how old are u piper said he 14 and lev said am 14 sir
Lydia Shouo
Lydia Shouo 2 days ago
I am such a big fan
Vince Kuang
Vince Kuang 2 days ago
this got me laughing
Darianelyz Sierra
Darianelyz Sierra 2 days ago
Gali Saenz
Gali Saenz 2 days ago
Pedro Cortes
Pedro Cortes 2 days ago
Hi lev
Vallerie Menchavez
Vallerie Menchavez 2 days ago
Who is lev crush
Lily Lau
Lily Lau 2 days ago
Regulo Mendoza
Regulo Mendoza 2 days ago
Hi πŸ‘‹
peter muir
peter muir 2 days ago
I am crying
Latitia Flythe
Latitia Flythe 2 days ago
Janneth Rodriguez
Janneth Rodriguez 2 days ago
XxPeachy_ BxtchxX
XxPeachy_ BxtchxX 2 days ago
Def the nail polish
kenzie and beyond
kenzie and beyond 2 days ago
Joey Bulvan
Joey Bulvan 2 days ago
Luizbeth Reyes
Luizbeth Reyes 2 days ago
Eugenio Duran
Eugenio Duran 2 days ago
OMG I'm going to have a little bit more time than you
Oswaldo Juarez
Oswaldo Juarez 2 days ago
Yanely Morales
Yanely Morales 2 days ago
Why is shop
Hazel Rojas
Hazel Rojas 2 days ago
😲 omg she cries 😭 😒 😩
Monica Jaimes
Monica Jaimes 2 days ago
I like the ideas
Mason Martin
Mason Martin 2 days ago
Popper really sad
Lara Aljaf
Lara Aljaf 3 days ago
Hi Nooooo lev
Brey Johnson
Brey Johnson 3 days ago
Very good video just a little scary LOL
Ronda Anderson
Ronda Anderson 3 days ago
I was crying bc the sqaud was crying
Ronda Anderson
Ronda Anderson 3 days ago
When Lev said I'm going to get arrested I was like noooooooooo but I remembered it was a prank
Mariah Barber
Mariah Barber 3 days ago
Why did you do a prank on us and you know you don’t know and then they tried to teach you almost here do you did you intend it almost think will they try to take piper to show interest not have that and then I’ll pray that makes people cry so never do that prank ever again because you sometimes people can cry because that really makes me cry and you and piper good good job so please don’t take you and piper go to jail and I saw a Boomerang this just be saying I didn’t do it this or you had to say don’t do no prank like that no more ever in your life again that make people sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Chloe Davila
Chloe Davila 3 days ago
it mad me sad that they where crying ...
Jill michaels
Jill michaels 4 days ago
How do you get a USposts channel
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