We Had Our First KISS On Camera! **Not Clickbait** 💋😘 |Lev Cameron

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Lev Cameron

6 months ago

Hey guys it's Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Sit back and enjoy watching we had our first kiss on camera not clickbait. Thats right guys in todays vlog i show you our fist kiss! This is another vlog that i filmed and edited all by myself so PLEASE make sure you LIKE this video. I love doing these vlogs and i hope you guys do too. For more girlfriend vs boyfriend challenges make sure you LIKE.If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE.
#kiss #girlfriend #camera

-**who was in the video**----
Sophie . @Sophie Fergi
piper @Piper Rockelle
Jentzen @Jentzen Ramirez
Sawyer @Sawyer Sharbino
Lev @Lev Cameron
Hayden @Hayden Haas Vlogs
Symone @Symonne Harrison
Emily @Emily Dobson
Connor officialconnorcain?hl=en

Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, social media star, and young actor. I've been living in hollywood for a long time, and i now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page you can find great challenge videos like, last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, song and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.
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Allan Decker
Allan Decker Day ago
Ava Gonzales
Ava Gonzales 15 days ago
I knew it bc the camera was on the couch so I knew kissing ON the camera lol 😂
Bruce Jensen
Bruce Jensen 20 days ago
what the heck you lied
Godofthesoup bacons
Godofthesoup bacons 21 day ago
so no click bait wow.
teddy bear tv
teddy bear tv 29 days ago
Sophia so good at singing
Elise Month ago
Me: your whole life is clickbait
Ibu Nonon
Ibu Nonon Month ago
Yuna Sofia MC
Yuna Sofia MC 2 months ago
100000000000000000000000000000000 hater of piper and lev 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 i wanna banned piper and lev
DDthe Gamergirl
DDthe Gamergirl 2 months ago
CLICKBAIT!!! It was going to be so cute 🥰
Marisol Cuevas
Marisol Cuevas 2 months ago
Hello 2 months ago
They wasted 5 minutes and 55 seconds of my life
Dixie Atkinson
Dixie Atkinson 2 months ago
Like and subscribed
BobaXxXsundy 2 months ago
Kevenesia Brown
Kevenesia Brown 2 months ago
It is not about better it is about love how she feels about the boy haters stop
nepety shikomba
nepety shikomba 2 months ago
Are u serious
Cookie Fam
Cookie Fam 2 months ago
I unsub I hate being prank
Heeyoung Han
Heeyoung Han 2 months ago
Not going to lie but that was actually kinda smart because I mean you are on camera so technically your not Lying 🤥
Lance LP
Lance LP 2 months ago
Logan And vinnie
Logan And vinnie 2 months ago
Love you piper
NO NO 2 months ago
Why you laying
gggirl Majekodunmi
gggirl Majekodunmi 2 months ago
You guys are so cute
Nichoel Q
Nichoel Q 2 months ago
Ashley Castillo
Ashley Castillo 3 months ago
this is how many ppl are mad that they didn’t do it on camera😑🙄 👇
MEH Cousins
MEH Cousins 3 months ago
Wyncesz Ferrer please stop hating if u have anything mean to say don’t say it.
Shaan Salvi
Shaan Salvi 3 months ago
He is a fool
Shaan Salvi
Shaan Salvi 3 months ago
I hate लेवी
Jada Jefferson
Jada Jefferson 3 months ago
Lev piper why just why we wanna see ☹️🥺🥺plz😙
Nusrat Rasheed
Nusrat Rasheed 3 months ago
That was cute
Skye Ramara
Skye Ramara 3 months ago
Matt Wetterhahn
Matt Wetterhahn 3 months ago
I am subscribed
Cookie_ Destroyer!
Cookie_ Destroyer! 3 months ago
This is how many people that hated they didn’t do it on camere😑😒 👇🏻
Gary Smart
Gary Smart 3 months ago
The camera was backwards.😕
Addison Shae
Addison Shae 3 months ago
So cute❤️❤️😁😁
Meghan Weyerbacher
Meghan Weyerbacher 3 months ago
I was actually excited I knew that were actually going to do it but I really went to see if they would or not
grqyfx 3 months ago
yall they callin me poor
Amy Edits
Amy Edits 3 months ago
But no. You deceived us! 🥺❤️
Dawn_the_queen_tay 3 months ago
It’s on camera what do y’all mean?
•Melodyistic• 3 months ago
Sofie is a much better singer than Piper
Real life Music videos
Real life Music videos 3 months ago
Wow they really clickbaited us like that
Blizzard Family
Blizzard Family 3 months ago
You said on camera
Xxgacha_jade xX
Xxgacha_jade xX 3 months ago
Click bait
mehak semar
mehak semar 4 months ago
Piper you looks like kriti kharbanda a bollywood actor most popular
Amber - Kamilla
Amber - Kamilla 4 months ago
* ramen queen *
* ramen queen * 4 months ago
I did not enjoy that buT it was cool UwU
Alemash Asres
Alemash Asres 4 months ago
This is clickbait😒
Ceana Foster
Ceana Foster 4 months ago
I couldn't see the kiss
Diana Argueta
Diana Argueta 4 months ago
Wow not chit bait the aid say when he pulls away don’t do this 😂😂
Flxralclxxds 4 months ago
It wasn’t on camera
MagicalMischief 4 months ago
I'm ligit mad 🙄😑 BUT...... LIPER is the best couple ever!
Alejandra Pacheco
Alejandra Pacheco 4 months ago
The fact that the girls are not even dancing but the boys are
Iyanah Begay
Iyanah Begay 4 months ago
You guys need to grow up like bye ima unsubscribe🙄tired of them always doing this lev u lost a follower today because of you being a major clickbait & being so cringe✌✌🙄🙄
Sofia Munoz
Sofia Munoz 4 months ago
Lorena Horse
Lorena Horse 4 months ago
I think there going cu cu
Uwu cookie gamer
Uwu cookie gamer 4 months ago
You and Piper are so cute together
Maryjane LOPEZ
Maryjane LOPEZ 4 months ago
They are though
Kemsley Desir
Kemsley Desir 4 months ago
Rylee Monroe
Rylee Monroe 4 months ago
I got so excited but it was just click bait 😪🥺
Paul Bader
Paul Bader 4 months ago
Why the hell would you not ahow us you freakin kissss dumyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys
Johanna Leonard
Johanna Leonard 4 months ago
It's kinda sad that we didn't actually get to see the real kiss
gatcha for life
gatcha for life 4 months ago
I know that they were not going to kiss
Jamaal Davis
Jamaal Davis 4 months ago
i love piper
Lila Gutierrez
Lila Gutierrez 4 months ago
Crumblin-cookie 4 months ago
99.8 percent ignore the fact that there is a STRIPPING POLE
『•RAVON•』 4 months ago
I hate u guys imma be a hater cuz u spend so much time of mine ughh
Abigail Hippolyte
Abigail Hippolyte 4 months ago
Chill your just kids
Sofia Held
Sofia Held 4 months ago
That kinda was clickbait no offense
Nyla_n_Nala The_twinz
Nyla_n_Nala The_twinz 4 months ago
Dis is so cute doe-
GRACE ANN'S CHANNEL 4 months ago
Is emily is there?
Freya Marialina Bustamante
Freya Marialina Bustamante 4 months ago
what dus clickbait mean 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Need A name
Need A name 4 months ago
I like the videos the squad makes that are like vlogs.
MissBellaBaker 4 months ago
Oh my godddd sophie can sing did nobody else Hear her
Rebeca Rebe
Rebeca Rebe 4 months ago
Are you serioss
Jayla Sinclair
Jayla Sinclair 4 months ago
Just like how I said they wouldn’t rly do it-
Hey it’s Dani
Hey it’s Dani 4 months ago
Whoever is reading this Jesus Christ loves you 💛💛💛
LMkitties 4life
LMkitties 4life 4 months ago
Wow this is actually a vlog instead of a challenge!
Kavitha Shyamraj
Kavitha Shyamraj 4 months ago
You are just kids for doing these things🙄
Karoly Pirate
Karoly Pirate 4 months ago
That's right you shouldn't kiss in front of the camera cuz you're still kids it's gross🤮. But it's not right to waste your Fan's times (our time).
Nahlaya Johnson Freeman
Nahlaya Johnson Freeman 4 months ago
Janice Swain
Janice Swain 4 months ago
Bruh they act like they the best couple in the squad but can’t kiss on camera like bruh
Francesca Roache
Francesca Roache 5 months ago
The camera was low
Francesca Roache
Francesca Roache 5 months ago
We didn’t see it
Brylee Payton
Brylee Payton 5 months ago
Yes they totally kissed. I understand.😂👇👇👇👇
charlotte sanders
charlotte sanders 5 months ago
They're never going to show them kissing unless they're 15 and plus Lev is literally 15
Tanna Chavezo
Tanna Chavezo 5 months ago
The beginning got me dead 🌞
Kirsten Johnson
Kirsten Johnson 5 months ago
Lov.youtireus.pay. Wirey.cirehs.lirek. Fired.birey.cirey. Baby.hirey.ok. Boy gires. Sirey.lovelovelove. Hoy.direyday.pirey. Wirek.job.24.kiress. Yires.coolk.cook.
MM - 05FM 809610 Derry West Village PS
MM - 05FM 809610 Derry West Village PS 5 months ago
I love this
SawyerIsCute 5 months ago
Sawyer Sharbino is so funny! 😂
Elsa Rivera
Elsa Rivera 5 months ago
Piper ugh I hate to say this but I think Walker is with on of your old friend
Elsa Rivera
Elsa Rivera 5 months ago
Like hes with the Familia diamond I saw him. But I'm a big fan you are the best
larrie henderson
larrie henderson 5 months ago
Veronica Fernandez
Veronica Fernandez 5 months ago
it's my birthday lev
Zycn Ψ
Zycn Ψ 5 months ago
I am disliking, I am disappointed
אורין בלוך
אורין בלוך 5 months ago
Thats not fair u can't say that u guys kissed and u didnt let us saw it
Avery thing
Avery thing 5 months ago
I'm so jealous right now But so happy for symmone I wonder how you get into the squad
Lenora Frederick
Lenora Frederick 5 months ago
We did not see anything
Ihab Hashem
Ihab Hashem 5 months ago
Somanathan Moonsamy
Somanathan Moonsamy 5 months ago
It wasn't on cam
Joseline Lopez
Joseline Lopez 5 months ago
piper coco
piper coco 5 months ago
Oppppsi I mean me not meb
piper coco
piper coco 5 months ago
Hi lev Its mebToushi And your kiss very good Ohhh my gosh☺
divenchely Van Daal
divenchely Van Daal 5 months ago
Bruh🤣 dooown in theee thingg
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